ViFi Available Here: The Best Visionary Ficition Has To Offer

Visionary Fiction and ViFi Characters

Defining a genre is not a simple task especially when it is a burgeoning one. Though Visionary Fiction– as a literary category– has a long history, it is only recently that the term has found its way into mainstream language. The my1creation publications are proudly categorized Visionary Fiction as they highlight characters that personify the principles of personal growth and development as they facilitate real life transformation in audiences.

As the debut publication of my1creation, “The JAYEzine” primarily consists of creative non-fiction articles, however Visionary Fiction is introduced in the column entitled ViFi Available Here. ViFi are the first two letters in Visionary Fiction and the name of the column is a play on our connection to the digital world through WiFi as well as the importance of having access to it. 

The articles in ViFi Available Here are essentially character profiles that Jaye created to expose “negative” personality traits that most people don’t or won’t admit to having. It is presented in fiction form in an effort to inspire readers to relate personally to the characters when appropriate and motivate them to resolve identifiable issues without criticism. These muses of self-awareness are notably named ViFi Characters and you can get to know them and hopefully yourself a little more by visiting our debut ViFi Character, Daddy Craw.     

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