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GETAWAY WITH JAYE: On A Blanket of Clouds

I took this photo on a road trip. I started the poem in the air on a plane and I finished it after landing on the ground. Remembering that made me think how ideas begin in the mind. They will stay there if we let them; but if we express them we give them a life of their own. All things manifested started in the invisible first. We give life. Let's give more life everyday.   This post is in honor of World Poetry Day celebrated March 21st. Blanket of Clouds Pic
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GETAWAY: To The Big Apple

IMG_0730 “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” A variant of this “apple-a-day” expression first appeared in print in 1866. It read, “Eat an apple on going to bed and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.” We know this health maxim doesn’t literally mean one apple eaten every day will keep you in perfect health. However, we do understand a healthy diet can limit trips to the doctor’s office and apples have been the poster fruit for nutritious eating for a long time. They are known for having many health benefits including managing weight
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GETAWAY: To San Diego

It’s always nice to visit new places to see new things or even to revisit our old “reliables.” But how often do we merge the two and get away specifically to see our familiar surroundings in a new light? It’s what I like to call Travel for Perspective and that’s what the Getaway With Jaye Column is all about. It is named after a Women’s Weekend Workshop that I conduct for a select number of clients. It is a Staycation Style Retreat designed to provide customized coaching and consultation in an atmosphere that offers all the amenities of home without the accompanying distractions. The experience
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