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ON THIS ROCK: My Chance At A Do-Over

mulligan-day BY PAUL ROCK, STAFF WRITER FOR JAYE. FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER: @Saul2PaulRock A new beginning. To start again. To move forward. As kids, we called it a do-over. Golfers call it a mulligan. There are moments and times in our lives when a do-over would be a wondrous miracle. A chance to do or say something that needed to be said or done. A chance to undo something we wish had never happened. Of course in real life there are no mulligans. We do, however, get second chances and opportunities to create new beginnings;
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The Very Reverend Father Charles Andrus, SSJ is an ordained priest in the Roman Catholic tradition. He belongs to the Society of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart or for short “The Josephites.” The Josephites are an interracial, intercultural religious community of Catholic Priests and Brothers committed to serving the African American community through the proclamation of the Gospel and personal witness. The Josephites are the only community in the American Catholic Church of its kind. They engage exclusively in advancing the teachings of the Church in the African American community. The men of this order work diligently in the sacramental, educational and pastoral ministry
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A PICTURE OF HEALTH: Remembering the Limbic System

Can you recall a time in school when the teacher asked the class a question and you either raised your hand eagerly or reluctantly hid behind the kid in front of you? Just because you raised your hand didn’t mean you had the correct answer; just as hiding didn’t indicate you didn’t know the answer. More than anything, what you probably remember the most is the feeling you had at the moment of truth. It could have been excitement, shyness, discouragement, pride, surprise, embarrassment or any combination of those and more. Most likely, it also was accompanied by some physical sensation: a pounding heart, sweaty
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