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READ MY LIPS: Look, Up In The Sky!

SG WW PHOTO: Lil Supergirl (left); Sneak Peek of Wonder Woman Cover for JAYE Vol III (right)       I admit I love a good superhero flick, but I didn’t realize how much until 2002. When I fell in love with Superman in the late 70s, I just attributed it to Christopher Reeves’ crystal blue eyes. In the 80s, when I passionately shot out of bed on Saturday mornings to watch Super Friends, I figured I was just like any other kid. However, even adults couldn’t resist the Bill Bixby-Lou Ferrigno super duo which was the Incredible Hulk. When my doctor asked me
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In J.A.YE. VOLUME I Issue 3, I talk about how our nerves and hormones get a bad rap. I failed to mention that our poor skeleton could be a member of that crew as well. We are steeped in a culture that associates the image of a skeleton with death or evil— you know, Halloween, poison signs, pirate flags and such. This is not to say that it is an inappropriate symbol. After all, in the final stages of human decomposition, the skeleton is all that remains of the... uh… remains… so
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Traditionally, a “Meet and Greet” has been understood as an organized, but informal event generally reserved for those in the limelight like politicians and performers in order to socialize with members of the press, invited guests or the general public. Most recently, the term “Meet and Greet” has broadened to include the initial meetings of the hiring process, online dating, physician selecting and airport pick-up service. Search for “Meet and Greet” on Wikipedia, however, and you will be redirected to Public Relations (PR)— a profession still associated with large organizations or famous individuals. Search for “Meet and Greet” in the JAYEzine and you will be
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ON THIS ROCK: My Chance At A Do-Over

mulligan-day BY PAUL ROCK, STAFF WRITER FOR JAYE. FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER: @Saul2PaulRock A new beginning. To start again. To move forward. As kids, we called it a do-over. Golfers call it a mulligan. There are moments and times in our lives when a do-over would be a wondrous miracle. A chance to do or say something that needed to be said or done. A chance to undo something we wish had never happened. Of course in real life there are no mulligans. We do, however, get second chances and opportunities to create new beginnings;
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