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Be My Guest: Art from the Sacred Heart of Earvin LaCour

  IMG_2446 I can’t tell you about the artwork of esteemed artist, Earvin LaCour, without first telling you about the man. I would be remiss in jumping into descriptions of his paintings without telling you first about the great person behind them. This may be true of most artists and craftsmen, but there is a unique, endearing quality I perceive especially in this one. It is evident that his Whole Self comes forth through each of his creations. Earvin is a husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, painter, storyteller, intellect, teacher,
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A YAY FROM JAYE: Kimberly Patterson… DO Coach!

KPatterson   The biblical story of Mary and Martha found in Luke 10:38-42 has long been associated with the dichotomy of thinking and doing. Mary, a thinker, and Martha, a doer, were two sisters graced by Jesus’ presence in their home. Well, actually, the Bible says it was Martha’s home. So, of course, being the hospitable host, she concerned herself with “doing” what was necessary to successfully entertain her guest. Mary, on the other hand, “thought” it would be better to sit at the Lord’s feet and listen to what He was saying. The Bible goes
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A PICTURE OF HEALTH: Heal The Woman, Heal The World

You’ve heard the expression, “Happy wife, happy life.” Is it true? Many studies show it is. Reports say, when a wife is happy, her husband highly appraises the quality of their marriage. That’s nice for couples, isn’t it? What about everybody else? Well you don’t have to be married to embrace this quaint maxim. As a matter of fact, we’d all do well to incorporate it in our consciousness for reproductive health and, in my opinion, the healing of mankind. It all starts with the place where life is first developed— the womb. Now before the men say, “What does that have to do with
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A YAY FROM JAYE: Blue Satin Sashes

She couldn’t determine if her shivering was from the cold, brisk air or the fear that was traveling up and down her spine. She knew nobility was in her blood although it wasn’t warm enough to keep her still. She was approaching a great social gathering so her anxiety was justified; but how could she arrive as everything she was created to be when back at home she was hidden? At home, she was a wealthy heiress who had no real access to her riches. She lived in a glorious estate but walked around with a servant’s countenance. She didn’t have to
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