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GETAWAY: To San Diego

It’s always nice to visit new places to see new things or even to revisit our old “reliables.” But how often do we merge the two and get away specifically to see our familiar surroundings in a new light? It’s what I like to call Travel for Perspective and that’s what the Getaway With Jaye Column is all about. It is named after a Women’s Weekend Workshop that I conduct for a select number of clients. It is a Staycation Style Retreat designed to provide customized coaching and consultation in an atmosphere that offers all the amenities of home without the accompanying distractions. The experience
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ON THIS ROCK: Be Prepared

The famous quote, “In this world nothing can be said certain except death and taxes” is found in an epistle written by American statesman, Benjamin Franklin. In the recent past, I experienced and witnessed many family and friends suffer through the ordeal of death and taxes. We can be assured that both will come, but are we ever really prepared for either? Well, at least we can do what we can. Taxes and death made a great impression on me as a child. When I was growing up, I can vividly recall the elaborate preparations involved in the annual event of filing taxes. My grandmother, a
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A PICTURE OF HEALTH: Remembering the Limbic System

Can you recall a time in school when the teacher asked the class a question and you either raised your hand eagerly or reluctantly hid behind the kid in front of you? Just because you raised your hand didn’t mean you had the correct answer; just as hiding didn’t indicate you didn’t know the answer. More than anything, what you probably remember the most is the feeling you had at the moment of truth. It could have been excitement, shyness, discouragement, pride, surprise, embarrassment or any combination of those and more. Most likely, it also was accompanied by some physical sensation: a pounding heart, sweaty
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ViFi Character: Daddy Craw

"I got somethin’ I wanna told you. They call me Craw. I come from the humble beginnings of the swampy backwoods of this here town we call The City of Dupli. That is Dupli as in rhyme wit ’you lie’ (but I trail off my story). Been goin’ by Craw fuh as long as I can remembuh. They say it all began when I first started gettin’ ‘round. They put me in that lil baby walker and I went to scootin’ all over the place. They say I liked pushin’ myself backwards with my feet just like a crawdad. From that moment on I done had
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