A PICTURE OF HEALTH: Heal The Woman, Heal The World

You’ve heard the expression, “Happy wife, happy life.” Is it true? Many studies show it is. Reports say, when a wife is happy, her husband highly appraises the quality of their marriage. That’s nice for couples, isn’t it? What about everybody else? Well you don’t have to be married to embrace this quaint maxim. As a matter of fact, we’d all do well to incorporate it in our consciousness for reproductive health and, in my opinion, the healing of mankind. It all starts with the place where life is first developed— the womb. Now before the men say, “What does that have to do with the health of my prostate?” allow me set up the groundwork for my discussion.   

Yes, men and women have unique needs concerning reproductive health. Those very differences are what allow for the human reproductive system to fulfill its biological purpose— the exchange of genetic material from each sex in order to procreate. The apparent differences are in the male reproductive system, the organs are externally located with the one function of producing and depositing sperm for offspring. In contrast, the female reproductive organs are internally located and serve two functions: that of producing egg cells as well as protecting and nourishing the offspring until birth. That is the elementary science behind it, but what about the bigger picture? What does the reproductive health of men and women have to do with healing humanity? To answer that question, let’s go to the Bible.   

The Book of Genesis not only tells us the origin of human beings, it also tells us the first time man was healed. It is important to note and study this first occurrence to understand its fundamental meaning because, when interpreting the Bible, the first time a subject is mentioned establishes an unchanging pattern throughout the rest of Scripture. In the Bible, the first healing of the human body is technically when God performed the first “surgery” and “sutured” Adam’s flesh at the site of the “incision.” I say technically because Adam wasn’t sick or diseased in the traditional sense where he would require conventional recovery from sickness to wellness. He was only ill in that he was by himself. God decided it was not good for the man to live alone. To resolve this issue, the Divine Surgeon formed a woman to be a partner for the man by “sedating” him, taking an inner part from him and then as Genesis 2:21 says, “closed up the place.” The man eventually awakens from the “anesthesia” to meet his mate, Eve.

Notice in the biblical recap of the human creation story above, I said God took an “inner part” of man to form a woman. In most versions of the Bible, the word “rib” is explicitly used to describe the body part Adam “donated” for the first-ever “transplant surgery.” For those who prefer a literal interpretation, if the Bible says rib, then that’s exactly what it was. However, it’s interesting that the Hebrew word used for “rib” has several translations. One of them is “chamber” which can be defined as a hollow cavity. Using this translation, some say it is possible God took the womb out of man to create woman because the anatomy of the uterus could be called chamber-like. I believe both are possible. The initial words the man spoke after seeing his bride for the first time were, “This is now bone of my bones AND flesh of my flesh.” (Genesis 2:23a). Within this scriptural context, we can gather that a harder, more rigid organ, like a bone, as well as a softer muscular organ, like a uterus, was taken to shape woman.

Despite the debate over whether God took a bone or female reproductive organ or anything at all to create woman, the Bible still gives us clues to how men’s health, the well-being of women and healing the world are all connected. After Adam’s recovery from surgery, the next time we see what we’ve come to know as a healing take place is in Genesis 20. Here is the story of King Abimelek, Abraham and Sarah. Abraham and Sarah were half-brother and half-sister who were also married. In order to stay out of harm’s way when a demanding ruler noticed Sarah’s beauty, the couple did not disclose their marriage. Unfortunately, that made Sarah vulnerable to the concubinage of the king. This happened previously with the Pharaoh of Egypt in Genesis 12 and as a result God plagued Pharaoh and all of Egypt. Pharaoh sent Abraham and Sarah packing, but not without some rich parting-gifts. With Abimelek, God intervened through a dream before the king could touch Sarah. He, too, sent the couple on their way with riches. However, the most significant difference between Pharaoh’s story and King Abimelek’s is that a mass healing occurred… and not just any kind of healing.

Genesis 20:17-18 says, “Then Abraham prayed to God, and God healed Abimelek, his wife and his female slaves so they could have children again, for the Lord had kept all the women in Abimelek’s household from conceiving because of Abraham’s wife Sarah.” It is unspecified how the King was healed, but it is very clear he had a household full of women suffering from “female problems.” I’m thinking the king felt better simply because the women around him were no longer ailing. Joking aside, it is obvious that the king’s wife and female slaves were having reproductive issues. We can’t assume it was one indistinguishable case of infertility. If we are going to apply this information for healing in a modern-day-context, we must see the breadth of conditions related to the women suffering. Each unique woman could have represented a range of symptoms that led to their inability to conceive or have children— from sexual frigidity to fibroid tumors to bitterness and jealousy. Nevertheless, they were healed and we can be too.

Someone reading this might not believe in God and the Bible. Even if you don’t, you must see that nature did not select at random to bring forth human life through women. It is not coincidence that woman i.e. the womb of man is where life is conceived, developed and birthed. Therefore, it stands to reason that the relationship between man and woman (in all its various forms) is at the center of health and wholeness in our world because that is the starting place for every person on the planet. Because every gender begins as the extraordinary joining of the masculine and feminine principle, I believe it would serve us to protect and care for our biological source. If the Bible (even seen only as widely distributed book), focuses first and foremost on healing in this area, why shouldn’t we?

“Happy wife, happy life” boils down to this. When we attend to and nurture the depth of our being, everything else in our world seems to line up accordingly. When the womb is well, we all are well. Heal the womb and you heal all of humanity. Heal the womb and you heal all life. And as with every article in our Picture of Health column, we leave you with this scripture for meditation:

 “When God created mankind, He made them in the likeness of God. He created them male and female and blessed them.” Genesis 5:1-2


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  1. Posted on by Melissa

    This article blessed me. I love your unique approach to the story of creation and how you connected all the elements to health and wholeness. Thank you!

    • Posted on by Jaye

      Thank you so much, Melissa! I’m always happy when the connection happens!

  2. Posted on by Jetea Johnson

    Excellent, thought provoking article. As Jaye stated if we heal women, we heal the world. it is woman who brings forth the blending of two souls, masculine and feminine. God illuminates the masculine and feminine energy in all things on earth. Every creation has energy and a vibration. If we harness this and keep it free from dis-ease we will be able to transcend illness.
    I would like for Jaye to take this discussion further with her understanding of reciprocity and the acronym S.E.X. That which sustains all forms of life.

    • Posted on by Jaye

      Thank you so much, Jetea, for your comment. I look forward to furthering the discussion in our most current issue of the Jayezine!

  3. Posted on by Charlotte

    Easy to follow and very informative. Things are presented that I never related to or connected with before. I can agree with happy wife, happy life and it works both ways. Healthy, happy and whole. Thank you for the beautiful read. God bless you .

    • Posted on by Jaye

      Thank you, Charlotte. God bless you too for reading, receiving and returning the love!

  4. Posted on by Kimberly

    I really enjoyed this read…. Heal the womb………….. that statement alone speaks so much volume. “Creation” develops in a dark place. A photographer develops in a dark room for a reason, if light is exposed too soon to the negative you get a distorted picture. My point is “Creation” starts and develops in the womb. If you develop something in a unhealthy womb then the outcome is sick, unhealthy, incomplete or not whole. Thank you for the enlightenment I can really relate to this article on so many levels as a woman, wife, and a constant creative force of nature.

    • Posted on by Jaye

      Thank you, Kimberly! I really appreciate the insight that is offered in enlightened comments such as yours. Please continue reading and sharing this information with others. Here’s to healing the womb!

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